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Empty legs are all private charter flights that fly without passengers on their way to reposition themselves from one airport to another.

Jet Transfer Service

EBG Private Jet provides many different solutions to meet the needs of all the clients.
Our commitment to highest levels of service on board, comfort, safety and convenience will ensure the greatest travel experience you have ever had. We are at your disposal to plan the perfect flight for your needs.

Wide Jet Range

At your disposal a wide range of jets, such as the Cessna Citation, Airbus, Guldstream, Embraer Lineage and Boing models. Step off the jet and get into a private luxury limousine or vehicle, ready to deliver you to your ultimate destination. We ensure that the timetable will be respected and that all passengers and cargo are moved safely.


At many airports, our private boarding lounges eliminate lines and simplify customs. EBG Private Jet offers exclusive access to secure, private points of departure. Exit your vehicle and board in minutes, or enjoy a beverage or snack while your fellow travelers arrive. Passenger travel data is maintained under strict confidentiality.

Comforty & Amenities

We know staying connected is essential also when you fly. For this reason we set a WiFi system on our aircraft.

Exquisite Dining

What is your favorite dish? Do you prefer a sweet or salty breakfast? We assure that you will find it on board at your arrival. Our network includes a wide range of caterers that are able to satisfy all of your request. The meal we serve are specifically selected and decided according to the season. Just let us know what you like and what are your preferences.

Pets on Board

For many of our clients, pets are part of their family. That’s why we make every effort to ensure the flights are as comfortable as possible. The safety of your pet is important to us, so we are organized to keep them restrained during the take-off, landing and in turbulent air.
Current EU regulation require pets to have a passport for travel between EU member states, that you can obtain in your home country.

Why choose EBG Private Jet?


We are a consolidated air services company that operates on the international scene with latest generation aircraft. Our private jets can take you anywhere you want. Our multilingual staff is always at your disposal.

Clear, honest and competitive prices on the market

Support 24/24 hours 7/7 days

Highly satisfied customers all over the world

High standards of safety and reliability

Most searched destinations

Request your private jet now and you will find it at the nearest airport. Whether you are traveling for leisure or for work, our service is right for you. You can choose whether to search for an Empty Leg or book your complete flight.
Here you will find the most sought-after locations of the last period.

EBG Private Jet takes you to hundreds of destinations on private luxury aircraft. When you get on one of our vehicles you will find a trained and multilingual staff who will make you feel at ease by providing you with all possible services. What are you waiting for? Fly with the world’s #1 private airline.

Now reach the most beautiful cities in the world quickly and comfortably. Our VIP flights are designed and organized to give you all the best comforts on the market. In fact, private jets are the most common solution among people who do not want to take scheduled planes but rather want an exclusive, fast and guaranteed service.

Once you get on one of our planes you will feel right at home. You have full privacy and can manage the flight however you want. In fact, among our services you can either book your private jet flight or you can search among the dozens of empty legs. The choice is only up to you.