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Private Jet to Perugia

Fly now with a private jet to Perugia. It is a medieval village suitable both for those seeking relaxation and for those with work commitments.


Milan to Perugia

€5,400 | 40′

Oslo to Perugia

€12,500 | 140′

London to Perugia

€8,750 | 110′

Geneva to Perugia

€6,750 | 70′

Paris to Perugia

€7,950 | 90′

Bruxelles to Perugia

€7,550 | 90′

Madrid to Perugia

€9,050 | 110′

Zurich to Perugia

€6,050 | 50′

Prague to Perugia

€7,550 | 80′

Berlin to Perugia

€8,150 | 90′

Private jet to Perugia

If you are looking for a private jet to Perugia it is because you want maximum comfort and a peaceful trip for you and your loved ones. With EBG you have not only found the service you were looking for, but you can also customize your trip as you wish.

With a private charter you have full control over your next vacation or business trip. In fact, you choose when to leave and when to return! In this way you save time both on the outward journey and on the return journey. Plus you can really enjoy the ride not having to think about anything but relaxing in your comfortable armchair.

You can book at any time. Request an empty leg if you want to look for savings or rely on an improvised last minute.


What to see in Perugia


Perugia is a small town compared to big cities like Milan and Rome, but it is a lively city both day and night. There are many things to see with the eyes of a tourist, the companies are many and varied and there is also one of the largest and most important universities in Italy. It is precisely its modest size and the relative authenticity of things that makes anyone who visits it fall in love with it. So, if you want to choose a private jet to Perugia know that in this city you will find a lot to do.

Among the things not to be missed is certainly the city center and its Fontana Maggiore. After that it is obvious to visit the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, very characteristic. The Perugia Underground and the Pozzo Etrusco are two obligatory stops if you want to see the history of this glorious city.

And in case you are interested in some high-end shopping, the center allows you to satisfy your cravings.


Food and accommodation

After a plane trip or a day around Perugia, you probably want to eat. And in this city you eat very well. In fact, there are some very glamorous starred restaurants. Try the Workshop that provides the best you could wish for. Or we also recommend the Anchovy with a very minimal but high-impact design.

As for hotels, 2 are the five-star hotels that dominate the city. These are the Sina Brufani and the Borgo dei Conti Resort.


We can make your trip a remarkable fully immersion in Perugia. We offer booking service to the most luxury accomodation, transfer planning from/ to the hotel and making reservation for restaurants and other entertainment.