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Private Jet to Venice

With the best private jet to Venice service you will arrive quickly and without any kind of queue in the romantic city par excellence. Enjoy a gondola ride, visit historical places and have fun crossing the hundreds of bridges.


Milan to Venice

€5,500 | 40′

Amsterdam to Venice

€8,500 | 90′

London to Venice

€9,250 | 100′

Geneva to Venice

€6,050 | 60′

Paris to Venice

€8,550 | 90′

Bruxelles to Venice

€8,550 | 90′

Madrid to Venice

€9,850 | 120′

Zurich to Venice

€6,950 | 50′

Prague to Venice

€6,050 | 60′

Berlin to Venice

€7,250 | 80′

Private jet to Venice

Flying with a private jet to Venice is certainly the best way to get to the town. Although it is not possible to land on the main island, it is always more comfortable and exclusive to arrive in the lagoon with a private plane. The advantages are many:

  • No queues;
  • Full freedom of movement;
  • Great comfort and dedicated services;
  • Fast check-ins;
  • Full freedom of choice for the place and day of departure.

Apart from these details, anyone with an above-average standard of living wants to travel exclusively. Every second of your trip (whether for tourism or for work) is important and living it to the fullest is definitely what you deserve. You will love having an entire private jet at your disposal, whether it’s just for you or even for your family or friends.

Imagine passing over the Alps and seeing them in all their majesty, or passing over dozens of cities whose lights almost seem to invite you to stare at them. All of this is only possible with our fleet of jets.


private jet to venice

Discover Venice and its beauties


Among the dozens of spectacular bridges and monuments, the most famous and evocative is certainly Piazza San Marco. Here you will find dozens of shops, bars and luxury restaurants that can make you live unforgettable moments enjoying the worldliness of the city centre. Among the other attractions that we would like to recommend is the Rialto bridge (Ponte di Rialto) which is the oldest and most scenic of the four bridges that cross the Grand Canal. This bridge manages to offer glimpses and beautiful views of the Grand Canal of Venice at any time of the day but also at night.

And how can we not mention the legendary gondola ride? Famous all over the world, these boats are typical of this city and have been crossing the hundreds of canals between the various streets for centuries. After taking a private jet to Venice it is definitely recommended to live the Gondola experience.

Another interesting day trip is to take the ferry to the islands of Murano and Burano. Here are the famous colored houses and the greatest professional craftsmen in the art of glass.


Quality hotels


Are you looking for a luxury accommodation that can really satisfy you? If you want to make the most of your experience in Venice (why not even a romantic one) there are several hotels that are right for you. In fact, you can stay at the Luna Hotel Baglioni, Hotel Gritti Palace, Hotel Danieli and The St. Regis Venice, to spend an unforgettable stay in this beautiful city.


We can make your trip a remarkable fully immersion in Venice. We offer booking service to the most luxury accomodation, transfer planning from/ to the hotel and making reservation for restaurants and other entertainment.